4 Essential Moments to Photograph During a Wedding

The most popular moments to capture during a wedding include the couple's first kiss at the altar, the couple's first dance at the reception, and the obligatory feeding of cake to one another. However, following are four more moments that you do not want your Austin Wedding Photographer to miss.

1. Getting Ready for the Wedding

Ask your Texas Wedding Photographer to visit both the bride and groom in their changing areas. She might photograph the placement of the bride's veil, for example, or the tightening of the groom's tie. These shoots often include groomsmen and bridesmaids, as well, who are standing by as assistants.

You might also want your Austin Wedding Photographer to take a picture of your dress before you put it on or your spouse's suit before he dons it. Consider photographing the rings in an interesting location, as well.

2. The First Look

Many Internet memes have been inspired by the expression on grooms' faces when they first see their brides at the end of the aisle. Capturing this fleeting second is a priceless memory to keep, so mention this specifically if you want your photographer to get it.

A wider shot that includes everyone's expressions when they see the bride is also appropriate. The shot might include the groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents of the couple, and other important members of the bridal party.

3. The First Private Moments

Wedding photographers often pull the bride and groom aside as soon as the actual wedding is over. This allows her to capture the couple's first moments together as husband and wife, whether they wish to share another kiss or just gaze into each other's eyes.

The photographer can then introduce other people with whom the bride and groom want photos, such as their officiant, families, and closest friends. These formal shots can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete, but they are essential for the album.

4. The Greetings

At the start of the reception, it is important for the wedding photographer to capture the couple's entrance. However, you might want to specifically request that your photographer shoot photos of your greetings with your guests. This is when your loved ones are offering their congratulations, and it's an important memory to savor.

Since these are candid shots, they are often the most heart-warming and lifelike. The guests who attended your wedding are anxious to extend their gratitude and their well-wishes.

Planning a wedding is an arduous task, but let your wedding photographer take care of the images for your album. Just make any special requests, such as the ones above, before the wedding so you know they will be part of your package.